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Hi! I'm Jordeen with Healing To Grow (HTG), LLC

A Psychic based business,
focused on guiding clients to
Living in Alignment.

Do you find you self often feeling lost and fuzzy trying to be and figure out your true authentic self? Or often hitting an emotional rock bottom of burnout, struggling to define who you are and what you want to become? The journey of self-discovery can be overwhelming, leaving you stuck and disconnected, constantly yearning for a path to alignment.

Imagine a life where undefined dreams transform into a clear reality, and emotional struggles pave the way for self-discovery. Picture a reality where you confidently live your aligned life, free from the burdens that once held you back. This transformation is not just a dream, it’s a reality waiting to come alive through Living in Alignment coaching.

I'm Jordeen Schmidt-Liu, an adventurous, quirky, and passionate professional psychic. I've walked the path you're on, facing my own emotional rock bottom burnouts and navigating the complex journey of self-discovery and authenticity. Now, having discovered the keys to my own aligned life, I'm here to guide you through the transformative process of aligned living.
Through the Living in Alignment Coaching program, I offer a shortcut – a way to bypass years of trial and error in the dark. You don’t need to continue to struggle alone and feel like you’re getting nowhere. Let me be your support on this journey, providing intensive deep dives and energy healing. It's not just coaching; it's a holistic and comprehensive approach to help you live your dream life, your Aligned life.

As a Reiki Practitioner (Level 2), I offer Reiki Quantum Healing as part of the Living in Alignment energy healing. This service is also offered outside of my coaching program as single sessions or experienced during my Inner Child Healing events. This service is an essential component of the Living in Alignment coaching program, creating a holistic and full circle transformative experience.

Believe in the power of healing and alignment – not just for yourself but for a better world collectively. Let's create a world where we thrive together, supported by the transformative journey of Living in Alignment with Jordeen, Healing To Grow (HTG), LLC. Theres no better time to embrace and pivot into living your aligned life than the moment your in, today. 

Living In Alignment



"I received an Akashic records reading from Jordeen with Healing To Grow and it has helped me in so many ways!! It connected the dots for me and answered so many questions I have had about myself my whole life. Some of these things I took a ton of notes and actually reference it all the time! I am reminded what my calling is and feel more at peace knowing I am on the right path. I am grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is interested!"

-Karlie P.

"Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Jordeen!

The meditations are incredible and have helped me so much with my anxiety. She helped me figure out the root cause of a lot  of what was triggering my anxiety/depression. 

I am so lucky to have you in my life as a coach and friend. Thank you!"

-Khira R.S.

"Jordeen has helped me so much in my spiritual journey! I have learned a lot about myself and learned the things I need to do to overcome my lessons. She gives the best advice and knowledge in order to navigate through my spiritual journey!"

-Whitney P.

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