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Akashic Records Readings

(This offering is only open for availability 2-3x a year. Follow me on Instagram for availability announcements)

 All Akashic Record Readings (Mini and Full) are voice recorded and emailed to you. All recordings will be sent to you within 48 hours after your session.

Reading appointments are done via Zoom video call. A link sent to you 48 hours prior to your appointment time. 



Discover the information...

...that is true to your soul

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the dimension that holds any and all information to ever occur in the universe- past, present, and future. Each soul also has its own protected section in the records. This information first requires the clients/soul's permission. Once permission is given, I can then access your records through a meditative state.

Full Akashic Record Reading

A Full Akashic Records Reading is a 90-minute-deep dive into your souls' records, retrieving information ranging from fun details about your soul, past lives, and karmic lessons. This reading is meant for someone who is ready to hear and learn all the details, regardless of what they might be. If you have had a Mini Akashic Reading prior, the Full Akashic Reading is an expansion of the Mini Akashic.
(Discount code available for those who have had a Mini reading first before a full reading, since I would not need to go over certain details a second time.)
This reading includes & expands on: 

-Meeting your Record Keeper and Spirit Guide(s)

-Psychic Abilities

-Empathic Abilities         

-Soul Origin

-Soul Job

-Soul Mission

-Karmic Lessons

-Past Lives (2-3 lives)

-Your souls Spiritual Tools (colors, foods, items, etc.)

-Messages from Spirit, Universe, Guides, etc.

Investment: $440 (90 minutes)

Mini Akashic Record Reading

A Mini Akashic Record Reading is a 40-minute reading meant to be either a "quick dip in the water" (aka: maybe you're not ready for a Full Akashic Reading and just want to test the waters first), OR for can be used as a "check-in" reading (aka: checking in on new/current karmic lessons, etc.).
This reading includes:

-Record Keeper and Spirit Guide(s)

-Psychic Abilities

-Empathic Abilities

-Soul Origin                                                                      

-Soul Job

-Karmic Lessons

-Past Life (one)

-Power Colors

Investment: $110 (40minutes)

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