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Group Events

Scheduling: Email us at for scheduling events and more info.

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Healing from within...

... one community at a time

What is the Inner Child?

Our inner child is simply the part of us that existed as our truest selves, before the outer world told us to be different or that we needed to fit inside a certain box. It is also our inner joy and excitement center, that allows us to feel creativity and authenticity.

What is Inner Child Healing (ICH)?

Inner Child Healing is healing the parts of you that gained trauma or wounds during childhood, or even during young adulthood. Most of our triggers and traumas are rooted during this time of life and stay with us until we decide to go inward and heal our Inner Child. 

Inner Child Workshops, Retreats, & Group Events:

This offering reaches peaks in group settings. It creates a judgment-free safe space within community, being surrounded by others in support and understanding of one another.


ICH is focused on guiding you through the layers of healing your inner child wounds and traumas. This work isn't all butterflies and rainbows. However, afterwards, you leave feeling motivated and refreshed. This deep healing can also take a few hours or days to settle in, but once it does you feel capable of anything!


ICH include Chakra analysis, Inner Child Healing, and Reiki/ Quantum Healing combined. During our time together, I will 1) guide each person in analyzing Chakras for trauma/ wound blockages 2) lead a guided group mediation 3) and facilitate group and individual Reiki Quantum Healing. After the healing, there will be time at the end for discussion and processing the healing as needed. Depending on the event, some sessions will include activities to help with processing such as: Painting, journaling, nature walks, snacks, stretching, etc.


Retreats & Group Events: Starting at $500 + Travel

Workshops: $75 per person

Scheduling: Email us at for scheduling events and for more info.

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