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Living In Alignment


There’s no better time to pivot into Living in Alignment than the moment you’re in.


Picture this: Every morning and evening, you participate in a self-check-in. Imagine waking up content with the previous day, and in the evening feeling authentic and perfectly aligned with the day you just lived. Your daily flow is nothing short of inspiring, you wore an outfit that empowers you, and you sip on the best cup of tea or coffee every day. You radiate the unapologetic brilliance of your authentic self, knowing exactly who you are, what you want, and how to navigate the path to your dreams. Welcome to living your Aligned Life every single day!

Even when unexpected bumps appear in the road, you confidently navigate them without letting it derail your entire day.

Now, let's contrast that with your current reality. Picture waking up stressed, dreading the day ahead, and getting ready while replaying the previous day's challenges in your mind. You go to bed relieved that the day is finally over, only to repeat the cycle the next morning. Yes, there may be occasional highlights, but life doesn't align with your true desires.

Ask yourself: "Knowing I only live this life once as my current self, do I want to embrace authentic alignment or continue living with dread and unfulfillment?" The answer is clear – living in alignment is the way forward! Imagine having the skills and capacity to fill your cup daily, to be inspired, and to relish in all the little things that make up your day. It's not just amazing; it's downright possible! The key is making the decision to live your life in Alignment.

Living In Alignment coaching is a 6-month program that combines Coaching & Energy Healing. During the program, clients engage in weekly coaching calls (via Zoom) and monthly energy healing sessions (via Zoom or in person at Tacoma WA).

Living in Alignment coaching aims to guide each client in building and creating a life that feels most Aligned and authentic to them!

Living in Alignment will vary for each client, but the coaching program curates an experience that benefits each individual in the most possible, meaningful ways.

The program blends coaching and energy healing, offering a holistic, full-circle experience for those ready to transform their lives into Living in Alignment.
Each month focuses on specific subjects, leading to truly living your MOST Authentic and Aligned Life! 

Monthly Living in Alignment coaching subjects include:

1) Complete self-awareness 

2) Releasing survival mode 

3) Expanding comfort zones 

4) Navigating challenges and successes

5) Securing your foundation

6) Fully Living in Alignment!

Through coaching, clients receive weekly calls, monthly energy healing, daily availability through messaging in the Slack app, and weekly "homework" to facilitate growth into their Aligned Life.

Experience the motto "Healing into Alignment" as you dive deep, ask challenging questions, and connect with yourself on a soulful level. Release what no longer serves you to build your dream life and make it a reality. Your dream life, filled with fulfillment, joy, growth, and contentment, becomes achievable through the transformative power of Living in Alignment.

Discover new skills, break through old comfort zones, and step into the self-empowerment of Living in Alignment.

As we heal, we embrace our most authentic selves, paving the way to live our lives in true authentic Alignment.

I'm here to coach you in creating and living your Aligned Life.

Step 1: Application (Click Application Button Below)

Step 2: Consult Call (FREE)
Let's connect and explore if Living In Alignment coaching is the right fit for you.

Step 3: Living In Alignment Coaching Program!

Over 6 months, experience transformative shifts, becoming the authentic version of yourself. I've navigated the process and done the hard work, so you just need to show up and be willing to do the work towards living your Aligned Life.

There’s no better time to pivot into Living in Alignment than the moment you’re in. Excited to see you there!

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

Truly interested in personal growth.


Ready to release what is holding you back.


Willing to dig into root causes of what is holding you back.


Stepping into new comfort zones is exciting for you!


You are excited about building an authentically aligned life!


Typically, you are a people pleaser who is willing and wanting to live life for you and not for others.


Personal growth is not your thing.


You're not ready to let go of old "identities".


Living an authentic life doesn't sound fun, exciting, or enticing.

You don't want to leave your current comfort zone.


Coaching programs aren't ideally for you.

You are happily content in the ways of your current life and not interested in any changes or uplevels.


The Living in Alignment coaching program truly holds its value.


For clients Paying in Full, your total is $5,000.


Clients partaking in a Monthly Payment Plan of $1,000 per month, your total is $6,000.

A $500 deposit is required in order to hold your spot.

Is Living in Alignment Coaching something you’re interested in? Or want to learn more about? Fill out attached Living in Alignment Application and I’ll reach out to you to schedule a FREE consult call for us to chat about how Living in Alignment Coaching will benefit you and answer any questions that you may have.



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