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HTG's Mission

     My mission is to be the uplifting coach & mentor for my clients while coaching them in creating a life of true, authentic, soul-deep alignment. 

     In my coaching program Living in Alignment, I coach each of my clients how to build and create the life that feels most Aligned to them. 

     Living in Alignment is going to look different for each of my clients. However, through my coaching program, I am able to curate an experience that benefits each of my clients in the best ways possible. My program is a mix between coaching and energy healing, bringing a holistic, full circle experience to those who are ready to transform their lives into Living in Alignment.

 There will never be a "perfect time", just begin.

Meet the Founder of HTG: Jordeen Schmidt-Liu

"Inspiration is everything! It is the spark of creation and growth."


About Jordeen:

"My passion lives in helping others on their own unique healing & self-empowerment journeys and guiding them along the path of soul growth.

My soul's origin is out of the star constellation of Virgo, from the star named Spica. Currently this is my 8th incarnated life on the planet Earth, and prior lives to Earth, I have also been incarnated on many other different Earth-like planets, along with other types of planets, worlds, and universes!


My whole life, I always knew I was different from those around me. When out in nature, or pondering the mystics of the world, I realized at a young age that I perceived this world differently than most. I understood energy before I even knew what energy really was.

As a child I would replay my past lives, always running through the woods and trying to get lost so I could navigate my way back. Or collecting flowers to mash up into little spell mixes and always trying to collect bird feathers. I was always looking for rocks to collect outside and, in the driveway, and anytime while in a store that had small, tumbled gemstones, I always had to get a little bag full of them. And I loved loved loved fairies and always wanted to be one, talk to them, and had hopes of seeing them, along with the fascination of aliens and other beings.

Growing up I had no idea about the actual existence of spirituality, gemstone powers, energies, and other beings, but yet I was so naturally immersed into the world of it all without even knowing it.


I grew up out on the countryside, living the farm life, in a small town near Mount Rainier. Growing up I was always with my younger brother playing outside and out in the woods, helping my father with farm chores in the hay field, and riding my horse with my mother. Throughout my childhood I rode horses and competed in my riding, my favorite event was show jumping and cross country jumping. The connection between rider and horse is truly amazing!

Several years ago in 2018, I began my spiritual awakening as an adult. I started seeing ghosts, entities, and aliens all the time, and became more aware of my psychic and empathic abilities. I then started absorbing any information about spirituality and the soul that I could get my eyes and hands on, it was all so mind blowing to me, but I couldn't get enough of it! It was as if life all of a sudden made some real sense. And I still enjoy learning new information, I have fallen in love with learning what the universe and our souls are all about!

I eventually came across an Akashic Record Reader, and had my records read. I then learned about my soul's origin, past lives, and chakras that needed healing. Meena at the time also offered 1:1 spiritual life coaching sessions, so I began getting teachings on how to grow further into my abilities. I also took an extensive and expansive course through Meena called Guides On The Ground in early 2021. During Guides On The Ground, I honed in my abilities to channel guides and light beings, view different timelines, read the Akashic Records, read the energy bodies & chakras, and so much more. 

Through my spiritual journey I have benefited greatly from owning my own power, taking on my own inner healing through inner child healing, shadow work, past life healing, and energy body & chakra healing. From the time I began my soul healing, to the time I had purged and balanced all the major traumas in my energy bodies and chakras, I feel like an entirely new person in the best way possible. I now look forward to taking the time to help myself heal and purge out energy blockages. The rewarding feeling of deep soul healing and taking my power back after working through an energy blockage or trauma is so magically fulfilling, like the deepest breathe of fresh air!

Since 2016 I have been in the dental field as a Dental Assistant and then an Oral Surgeon Assistant. Working in Oral Surgery is quite the exciting job (for those that enjoy that type of work)!  My soul's passion lies in helping others. Whether that be in the oral surgery chair helping a patient get through a procedure or spiritually by being in service to others by guiding those who are ready to take on their deep inner healing, own their power, and grow in each step that they take.

In my free time outside of spiritual work, I enjoy being outdoors (camping, hiking, exploring), spending time with family and friends, and going on adventures with my husband and our corgi fur-child, Yale." 

-Jordeen Schmidt-Liu


Enjoying life, one adventure at a time.


Meet the fam: Adventure, hiking, and traveling are some of our favorite activities!

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